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Author: Unknown

It's just across from Canada,
   this land of snow and ice.
It's close to the Russian border,
   and far from the things so nice.

Thrown in with the rats and ravens,
   on Adak, this is the spot.
We're doomed to serve our time,
   on the land that God forgot.

We sweat, we freeze and shiver,
   it's more than a man can stand.
We live as though we're convicts,
   just to defend our land.

We're sailors in the Navy,
   earning our measly pay.
Protecting our countries millions,
   for just $2.50 a day.

We're living with our memories,
   while waiting for our gals.
And we pray while we're away,
   they won't marry our pals.

Oh' nobody knows we're tired,
   and nobody gives a damn.
At home we are forgotten,
   we're the tools of Uncle Sam.

As we spend our time in the Navy,
   we think of the days we missed.
Don't let the draft board get you,
   and for God's sake, don't enlist.

Passing through the pearly gates,
   you'll hear St. Peter yell.
Come you boys from Adak,
   you've served your time in Hell.