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Island of Forgotten Men
Author: Unknown

It's just across from Canada,
   this land of snow and ice;
It's close to the Russian border,
   far from the things so nice.

Thrown in with the rats and ravens,
   on Adak - this is the spot;
We're doomed to serve our time,
   in the land that God forgot.

Forgotten are our memories,
   and it's down with the men in blue;
Up here in middle of nowhere,
   seven thousand miles from you.

We sweat, we freeze and shiver,
   it's more than a man can stand;
We live as though we're convicts,
   just to defend our land.

We're sailors in the Navy,
   earning our measly pay;
Protecting our countries millions,
   for just two-fifty a day.

We're living with our memories,
   while waiting for our gals;
And we pray while we're away,
   they will not marry our pals.

Oh' nobody knows we're tired,
   and nobody gives a damn;
At home we are forgotten,
   we're the tools for Uncle Sam.

As we spend our time in the Navy,
   we think of the days we miss;
Don't let the draft board get you,
   and for God's sake, don't enlist.

Passing through those perly gates,
   you'll hear St. Peter yell;
Come on you boy's from Adak,
   you've served your hitch in Hell.