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Chad Johnson at the controls of the AFRS Adak radio station. I was doing a two hour country and western
program which featured top ten hits from "the land of the BIG PX" and call in requests.

My helper was CTRC Art Pike whom I think may have taken this picture. I have lost track of Art. I think he was
from Maine. An ADCOP friend of mine, RMC Ray Herrin (WA0TFR), was working part time as a disk jockey for WPFA in Pensacola and he would send me up a 7 1/4 inch reel from Pensacola each week with the top 20 or so
country and western hits on it.

Incidentally, the NAVCOMMSTA CO and I believe the NAVSTA XO had an AFRTS TV show on Sundays
featuring the highlights of the weekend sports. The NAVCOMMSTA CO was Captain Richard Weiner. I used
to fish with him on Adak and we have remained in contact ever since.