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Adak, Alaska .. 1956 - 1957
Images and narrative from Larry McLauchlin

Please scroll down the page - there are 14 photos.
Click-on the 7 small photos to view the larger version.

L-R: David Waite, Larry McLauchlin, Unknown but believed to be a
lad by the name of Hair. The sailor on the cot is John Moyers.

Charlie Baker. Charlie was the artist in Section 3. He would
make pencil drawings of the guys girlfriends, wives, pets, etc.

Photo of two of the guys getting ready to leave the rock.
The one on the left is believed to be a guy named Darcy
while the other is a lad named Amacher.


This picture may be a sailor named Keith Pogan, but not sure.

Section #3 - Sweat Sheets

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