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Adak, Alaska .. Earthquake on Mar 9, 1957
Images from Larry McLauchlin

Please scroll down the page - there are 7 photos and narrative.

The enclosed info/photos relate to the earthquake of Mar 9, 1957 at 3:25am.

The first photo (above) depicts several things, one, the stairway has fallen away from the
bldg as well as dropped down. Two, there is a significant hole in the ground just to the
front and left of the stairway. Three, a large crack in the ground appears several feet to
the right of the dumpster.

The above series of 3 photos shows the floor separating from the column in the
hobby shop. There is also a picture showing the a 8 inch drop between baseboard and
floor. The other photo shows damage to a restroom in the basement bathroom.

The above set of 2 photos shows a 2-inch crack in wall running from ceiling to floor next to a electrical panel box. The remaining picture shows a service door to the EM Club. The ground has dropped 18 inches from its original level as you can see by the line on the bldg wall.

The following is an 'AP' printout, as it reported the earthquake

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