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TUSLOG Det 28, Karamursel, Turkey 1965 - 1967
Images from Roger Mullings CTR1 USN (Ret)

Roger Mullings, new 3rd class, outside
Navy Brks at Karamursel - Nov 66.

Inside Airmen's club, L-R: Bill Cashman,
Roger Mullings, Nick Polifroni - Jan 66.

View of Air Force Brks, the Airmen's club at end of street
Jan 66.

Turkish dreg boats working off shore, note
AirForce FLR-9 array in right background - Aug 66.

City of Yalova, as seen from ferry landing - Aug 65.

City of Yalova, buses ready for the flood of
people leaving the ferry - Jan 67.

Arriving Istanbul, the Galata floating bridge and ferry boats
Jan 67.

More ferry boats, around Galata bridge - Jan 67.

Galata bridge - Jan 67.

Galata bridge - Jan 67.

Downtown Istanbul, at Taksim Square - Jan 67.

Downtown Istanbul, view of open air theatre
taken from the Hilton hotel - Jan 67.

View of downtown Ankara - Apr 66.

Looking out onto the Bosphorus straits - Aug 66.

On Bukuyada Island, local mode of transportation - Aug 65.

A mule train hauling unknown products - Aug 65.

The shoreline at Bukuyada - Aug 65.

Downtown Bukuyada, ships and tourists - Aug 65.

The ruins of Epheysus - Apr 66.

Epheysus, the skeleton of an ancient theatre - Apr 66 .

I stopped and visited, but there were no "ladies" present
Apr 66.

A ski trip to Uludag - beautiful scenery - Mar 66.

Skiers being brought to top of mountain - Mar 66.

Skis didn't work for me, but the climb to the top was beautiful
Mar 66.

View from the mountaintop - Mar 66.

House believed to be last residence of Virgin Mary,
located near the Epheysus ruins - Apr 66.

Another view of the rebuilt residence - Apr 66.

Inside the shrine - Apr 66.

Water flowing from spring, believed to have healing powers
Apr 66.

Looking off mountains toward the Aegean Sea - Apr 66.

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