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NSGA Hanza, Okinawa .. 1974-1975
Images and narrative from Tom Shirley


Please scroll down for the 13 photos and narrative.


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GYSGT Harry Willborn & CTR1 Tom Shirley, after dirt-biking, 1974



Every Marine Corps Ball is special, but for their 200th anniversary in 1975, the Marines made it extra-special.
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751110verneau_shaw.jpg (35414 bytes)

GYSGT Harry Wilborn leads the Color Guard CPL Esslinger ("Essie") and CTR1 Tom Shirley Left: Col Verneau, CO ASA Torii,
Right: Capt Bill Shaw, CO NSGA Hanza



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1976 Hanza station picnic, including Air Police canine demonstration



7606dougmcquate02.jpg (121443 bytes) 7606dougmcquate01.jpg (113903 bytes)

The legendary GYSGT Doug McQuate burns meat, summer 1976



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7609fishingboat.jpg (85213 bytes)

 Boating excursion, Sept. 1976.  George Ferreira and Tom Ferneau enjoy the day, except for the part about the boat nearly sinking, as described in the next panel, right.

Okinawan skipper in the white helmet.  We'd left the wives and smaller children on one of the many little islands off Okinawa-proper, and gone to do some snorkeling when the boat started sinking and we had to get rescued by two similar boats tying up alongside us and towing us back to the harbor.  One of the tow boats then took us back to the little island where we'd left the wives.  Everyone was thirsty and hungry, and with eager participation by the tow boat crew, we managed to get all the burgers and dogs grilled and the beer consumed.  So it all turned out okay, except for the poor Okinawan skipper with the hole in his boat; we all felt real bad about that.  I recall we went back to the harbor there a couple of days later and the boat was sitting partially submerged, but the skipper got it repaired soon thereafter.



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