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NSGA Hanza, Okinawa - 1975
Images and narrative from Tom Shirley

Please scroll down for the 5 photos and narrative.

"In preparation for Expo 75, these palm trees were imported from Guam and planted along the median of the
newly-built "Okinawa Expressway." The expressway leads to the town of Nago, on the north end of the island
where Expo 75 was held. This was part of a massive effort to improve Okinawa and included a general clean-up
and construction of a major reservoir which helped overcome routine water rationing on Okinawa."

"Linda & Caryn Shirley, with their pal Sonda Willborn,
waiting for the dolphin show at Expo 75."
"James A. Michener, keynote speaker at Expo 75."

"Expo 75 admission ticket."

"Bronze bust of Vladimir Ilich Nikolai 'Bubba' Lenin in the
Soviet Union Pavilion at Expo 75."

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