Skaggs Island Class 6B-67(R) - June 1967
Image from  Hugh Coleman (former CTR3)

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Skaggs Island  Class 6B-67(R) -  June 1967

Thomas Hand is in the First Row second from left - next to Chief Yasson.
Hugh Coleman is on the 3rd row - far left.
Chief Yasson (the instructor) is on the first row - second from the right.
"Red" Waterson is on the 2nd Row - far right. (Gulf Coast)
Dave Rogers is on the third Row - far right. (From Dallas)
Joe Teryla (? spelling) is on the third row - second from right. (From New Jersey)
Last name Sneigos(? spelling) is on 4th row - second from left. (From New Jersey)
Bernie Fontana is on 4th row - far right. (From New Jersey)
W. H. Deemie, LTJG - far left of row one.