New Years 1972   Poem  -  by George Morton

Once again it's January 1st
Another year's gone by;
If you take a real close look;
You'll see that time did fly.

So, throughout the Navy
We are making out the Duty Logs;
In the morning each CO or OIC;
Will give the log a nod.

We are here at San Miguel, P.I.
At 15-00N 120-04E East;
We're doing our little bit tonight;
Trying to keep the Peace.

As always, the Watch is holding the fort
The Day-Workers have long been gone;
But it's no different from any other night;
The Watch is used to being alone.

In OCC the circuits are up
Of course, there are a couple down;
We tend to blame it on a Mat man;
In the back just fooling around.

We don't have any booze to drink
It's tough to even get a Coke;
Because no matter what year it is;
The Coke Machine is always broke.

But, we know we have a job to do
Many times we've heard it said;
And if nothing else, in the morning;
We won't have a hurt'en head.

So, as the Sun comes up over the Antenna Field
And the relief bus shifts into gear;
You know that at San Miguel;
We wish everyone a Happy New Year.