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NSG Detachment Pyong Taek, Korea 1974-1975
Images submitted by Thomas Donohue

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ASA and Navy Det facilities and personnel

ASA Enlisted Barracks

ASA Field Station Officers, Capt's Robinson, Wiejicki,
Fetto, UI, Martel & Hall outside of BOQ #1

Camp Humphreys Main Gate

Camp Humphreys O club, called the CHOM

Detachment Vehicle

Entrance to ASA Field Station

Entrance to ASA Hqs Facilities

Entrance to Camp Humphreys

Navy Barracks & OIC's OFFice entrance

Navy Barracks on Left and Ops buildig at end of road

NSG Detachment Barracks

Officer and Enlisted Mess Hall

Officers BOQ where I was billited

OIC promoted to CW02 by LTCOL Tomey,
ASA Field Station Commander April 75

Outside Navy Barracks and OIC's office


Road leading from Main Gate to the ASA Field Station

Ships colors outside of barracks

South Korea areas, facilities, and personnel

Shopping area in downtown Seoul City

Downtown Seoul City

Example of Seoul City Korean historical buildings

Mr. Kim's Taylor Shop outside of OSAN AFB main gate

Oriental Brewery (OB) in Seoul City

An Jon Ni village outside of perimiter fence

Seoul City circa 1975

Seoul City elder inhabitant

Seoul City TV and radio towers

Seoul City Zoo

South Korean woman in traditional dress

South Korean Armed Forces tomb of the unknown soldier

RADM March visit

Visit of CNSG RADM March, May 75

CAPT Dillingham addresses the group

CAPT Dillingham reviews the detachment

Capt Dillingham, CTR3 Garramone, Radm March
and OIC, visiting the ham radio shack
right to left

CTI1 Glass, OIC and Radm March

CTI1 Glass, Radm March and OIC right to left

CTI1 Glass, OIC and Radm March

RADM March and Capt Dillingham

Radm March & OIC address the troops

Radm March addresses the troops

Radm March departs NSG Det Pyong Taek

RADM March, CTI3 Pearce, OIC,
Capt Dilligham, CO Misawa, right to left

Radm March, OIC and CTI3 Kathleen Hamilton right to left

Change of Command

Change of Command Army honor guard & troops

Change of Command Capt Dillingham, CW02 White and
CW02 Donohue right to left

Change of Command Det AOIC,
CTRCS Adam Milwietz begins ceremony

CW02 Donohue departs as OIC and addresses the group

NSG Det Change of Command Aug 75, LTCOL Tomey,
CW02 Doug White, CW02 Donohue right to left

CW02 Tom Donohue
OIC 74-75

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