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San Miguel, Philippines - 1959
Image and narrative from   Gerald (Sam) Hill CTRC USN (Ret)

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Place: NAVRADTAPHIL, San Miguel, P.I.
Time: Late 1959

I had recently been promoted to CTR2, and for lack of anything better to put me in charge of, the section
Chief, put me in charge of the cattle car(Personnel transportation) to and from watches. For those who
never knew or forgot, a cattle car was a tractor trailer rig with bench seats in the trailer and slats in the
side for ventilation.

My job, was to make sure that everyone going on our watch made in on the trailer and to/from the watch
site, which was out the main gate and about a mile down the road.

On this particular eve watch, I waited for all hands to come out of the chow hall or barracks and board
the trailer. We departed the chow hall and went the regular route to the main gate, which took us past
some dependent housing. While in the housing area, there were two young dependent ladies walking
next to the road. As we passed, 2 or 3 of the watch standers gave them the wolf whistle.

Unfortunately, the OOD, a Marine captain, heard the whistles and chased us down. Stopped the cattle
car, offloaded everyone, and began a salty ass chewing. Of course it didnít bother him, that we were still
in the housing area for everyone to hear. Having us stand in formation for his tirade, he finally asked who
was in charge. I replied, that I was. He informed me that I was on report. I reminded him that we were
due on watch and he said he would make sure we got there. He sent the cattle car on to the site and
marched/ran us out to the site.

When we related the incident to the watch Chief, he said he would take care of it. I never heard anymore
about the report, but they said the C.O. called the Marine in and talked to him.

One of the fellows in the section drew the cartoon. It kind of tickles me now, but I donít remember
laughing at the time.


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