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NSGDept at NCF Sangley Point, PI .. 1956-1957
Images from Bruce Dettloff for his father LT Don Dettloff

Please scrolldown. Click-on the photo to enlarge.

CAPT Philip Pointer Leigh - Capt Babb

Brus - Richardson - unknown - Dettloff -
CAPT Philip Pointer Leigh - unknown - unknown - unknown

NAVCOMFACPHIL bowlers: Kneeling are all unknown.
Standing left to right unk, unk, unk, Bob DePeyster, unk, unk,
unk, unk, unk, unk, Al Armstrong,
unk (he looks like Mickey Mantle to me), unk, Don Dettloff, unk

Three Dependants at off base house on Caboog street.
Brad Dettloff, Brent Dettloff and Darrell LeFace?

All Unknown

l to r Don Dettloff, Unknown

Darrell LeFace?

Photo of portrait from one of the families
who lived near us in Cavite.

Four unknown dependants at the Sangley elementary school.

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