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NCSPhil, San Miguel, Philippines (circa 1968)
Images from   Hank Cenkner (former CTR2)

Capone Islands

Fisherman as seen from Capone Islands PI

Fishermen off Capone Islands PI

Fishermen of Barrio San Miguel PI

Fishing boats of Barrio San Miguel PI

Fishing on Capone Isles - South China Sea

Capone Island off San Miguel PI

Staying in the shade on Capone Islands PI

Family cookout on Capone Island PI

Cooking out on Capone Islands PI

Mom keeps an eye on the kids - Capone cookout

Girls just want to have fun on the Capone Islands.

Out to catch lunch - Capone Islands PI

Too young to go swimming - Capone Islands PI


Gary n Lou at Crossroads

Lou at the Crossroads

Waiting for the Victory Liner - Crossroads

Blue Heaven - Crossroads

Diamond - Crossroads PI

El Rio - Crossroads

Road Runner - Crossroads PI

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