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NSGA Hanza, Okinawa .. 1969-1970
Images from   Jeff Johnston CWO3 USNR (Ret)

Please scroll down - click on each photo to enlarge.

Torii Station from the beach below the Antenna Farm

Flag Football at the Hanza site - NSGA vs Marines
(during the Z-gram days). Note the old TRSSCOM
dish in the background

The good old Royal, across the street from the base

Fishing boats at Sobe Village

Kadena Circle (1969)

WWII Japanese bunker near Sobe
(that's me, Jeff Johnston, in the window)

B-52 Leaving Kadena Airbase, on it's way to
Vietnam (1969)

B-52s ready to leave Kadena Airbase en route to
Vietnam. These two pictures were taken from the
NSGA Barracks with a 500mm lens.
(note the antenna farm in the foreground)

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