NSGDet/NSGA   Naples, Italy
1961, 1978-1979, and 2005
Images from William Lockert CTTCM USN Ret

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Naval Support Activity Naples - 1961

View from "the top of the hill" - 1961

Left to right: CTTCM William Lockert, CTOCS Irv English
(reenlistee and wife), CTTCS Sam Sneed, CTTC Elliott Shovar,
CTTC (SS) Mike Varone, CTOCM Monty Reeves and two
unident. Last troop is our maintenance chief. Picture in 1979
NSGD Naples.

This picture is from NSGD Naples in 1979, some of the chiefs
that were attached. Left to Right CTTCS Robert L. Guthrie,
CTTCS Sam Sneed, CTTC (SS) Michael Varone,
CTTC Kenneth Tagg, CTOCM Monty Reeves,
CTTC Gary J. McMillan, and CTRCS George Schaffhouser.

CTOCS Irv English and CTO3 Gary Russo

CTT1 Ray Anderson and CTTC Evil Roy White

CTT3 Marvin Terawaki reups

LCDR Ross reenlisted CTT2 Dennis Ornedorff for 4 years

LCDR Al Ross, CTC Sneed, CTTC Elliott Shovar,
CTT1 Mike Martin

CTT3 Marvin Terawaki, UNK, CO Richard Page,
CTTSN Mitch Hiers and CTTSN Tank Harrelson

Burn bags and CTT3 Gregg -Jones with 2 g's- Jones

CTTCS Bob Guthrie,CTTC Ken Tagg, CTTC H. L. Clark

LCDR Ross, LT Sena, CTTCM Lockert and
CTTSN Tank Harrelson

CWO4 Robert Dickie, ENS Gene -Mudd- Merritt and
Captain Veach the IG

First Organized Picnic
Tank Harrelson, Mark Traxler, Mr. Ross

Hawaii 1980 - future "CO Naples" up a tree
Ensign Sandra K. Brooks, USN

NSGA Naples Photographer PH3 Ted Salois, USN

OPNAV 5450 Closing NSGA Naples 31 Mar 2005