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The one on the left is a guy with the last name
of Duck, and I am the one sitting in the middle.
I think we are on board the USS Inchon or
Nashville - 1978.
Mike Razor on the USS South Carolina
off the Greek Islands - 1978.

Rota, Spain 1977/78:
The heavyset guy with glasses is named Jeff
May and he was a CTO2 in Rota. I am to the
right, the other guys names are forgotten with
time, expect these were taken in his married
quarters on base.
Rota, Spain 1977/78:
Behind the base gym in Rota, again the guy
with football stuck under his shirt is Jeff May.

The pic with me on the horse and another
CT was taken in Egypt in 1977/78
Rota, Spain 1977/78

Rota, Spain 1977/78 Rota, Spain 1977/78

This group picture was more than likely taken early
1978 for a TAD deployment in the Med, possibly
on the USS Nashville or Inchon.
Photo was taken in a restaurant in Morocco. The two guys facing the camera are both CTs and I am the guy with facing back to the camera. Again, names lost to time.

Photo of Mike Razor, taken in the
Museo de Cera De Barcelona (Barcelona Wax
Museum), 1976 or early 1977.