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Imperial Beach, California - 1954
Image and narrative from Leonard Sublett

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Here's another picture from the dusty files of Leonard Sublett, this time from Imperial Beach.

This is the presentation of the trophies to the winners of the base bowling league, spring 1954.
Presented by (I think) Captain Kurtz (?), base commander. Don't recall who the officer is calling the names.
As I remember, this is in the open area adjacent to the barracks/chow hall (was it Bldg. 102?) near the main gate.
Later that year the new chow hall was opened. Sorry to be so vague on details but 47 years is a long time to keep
such things in one's head.

The team, left to right: Maury (Harte) Hartenberger, Leonard Sublett, Carl Van Wagenen, Roxy Hockman, and Bill Allen.

Thanks for all the good memories for us old CT's.


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