Imperial Beach CT School Adv. Class 5A-61(R) - January 1961
Image from J. M. (Mike) Powers (ex-CT1, USN)

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Imperial Beach CT School Advanced Class 5A-61(R)  -  January 1961

Top Row (L-R):     Ron Daniel ( _, ME) - Joe Torzewski - Metcalf - Bill Reed (New Bedford, MA) -
CTC Kilgore - unknown - Terry Hammon (Scottsdale, AZ) - Chuck Turner (Coshocton, OH) - unknown

Bot Row (L-R):     Gary Pahel (Johnstown, PA) - Mike Powers (Richmond, VA) - Dick Jossart ( _, MI) - unknown - Aldrich - Blanchard (San Clemente, CA) - Larry Cyr (Butte, MT) - unknown