Imperial Beach Basic Class 11A-60(R) - Jan 1960
Image from   Michael Driscoll

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Personnel in this photo - in no certain order of appearance:

John H. Terry, Calif.  -  Mike Driscoll, Wisc. (kneeling, left end)  -  Harold Turner, Penn.  - 
Ronald Kern, Mich. (bottom, 2nd from left)  -  Robert M. Krarah (sp), Ga.  -  Fred Lucas, Md.  - 
Al Nedoff, Gary, Ind. (kneeling, 2nd from right)  -  Ralf Bird, Mouroe, La.  - 
Worth Jennings, Penn. (center row, left end)(I think)  -  Dave Eyre, Penn.  - 
Bob Lundgren, New York City  -  Rodger Goshorv, Penn.  -  Richie Gamache, N.J.  - 
Gregory Anderson, Wisc.  -  Charles T. Smith, Penn. (bottom right)  -  Chris Dowing, Penn.  - 
Sonny Sibert, Va.  -  Walt Vernon, Conn. (back row, right end)  -  Jeff Carpento (sp), Mich.  - 
Dave Beaudean (Center row, 3rd fm left - Framingham, MA)  -  and the Chief is
CTC Vernon Nelson, Florida.

Imperial Beach (IB) Basic Class 11A-60(R) Jan 1960 - Instructor CTC Vernon Nelson