Imperial Beach (IB) Advanced Class 2B-58(R) December 1957
Images from Ronald Dorman and Gordon Nail

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Imperial Beach (IB) Adv. Class 2B-58(R)  December 1957 - Instructor CTC Rice

Ron Dorman is 3rd from the left in the front row. Dale Kakac is 2nd from the left in the middle row standing on Chief Rice's right. I believe the fellow standing on Kakac's right is named Nail, but I'm not certain of that. Charles Doak is standing on Chief Rice's left in the middle row. //Ron Dorman

Imperial Beach (IB) Adv. Class 2B-58(R)  December 1957 - Instructor CTC Rice

The following information is from Gordon E. Nail:

Names (in no certain order of appearance):
Jack Doak - Jimmy Travers - Dale Kakac - B E Perry - John A Lindner jr - Milton Penna
Benjamin L Moore - Fred P Miller - Fred Fuller - Ron Dorman - W. Chasor(?) - Jack R Winterburn
Tom ****y - Gordon E Nail - Damon Shaheen

Names with known location:
Top far right: B E Perry - Top second from right: Benjamin L Moore - Top second from left: Jimmy Travers
Bottom second from left: Fred P miller - Second row far left: Gordon E. Nail - Top row Far Left: John A Lindner jr

Names and where they were from:
Perry from Knoxville TN - Travers from New York City - Nail from New York City
Moore from North Carolina - Fuller from Bath New York - Miller from Danbury CT
Dorman from Buffalo New York - Jack R Winterburn from Jax Florida
Kakac from L a - Lindner from Milton PA - Damon Shaheen from Montoursville, PA