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Imperial Beach, California - circa 1943
Image from   Robert Ingram Powell

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This is a collection of HAMís at Imperial Beach Station Item Circa 1943. Believe Lt. Lusk is on the left, I am
next, donít recall the name of #3, Chief Snuffy Shroder next and Commander Underhill on the right endÖ
Remember most of the other faces, but canít put names on them now nearly 60 years later !! The photo was
for QST and other publications and appeared in said HAM pub later. Note I was a 1st Class Radioman at
that time. Maybe some of the oldtimers can put names to the faces!!

Regards, Robert I. Powell

Starting from the left the 5th one is R O Stevens, 7th Herb Plummer, 9th Phil Jacobsen. Not certain but believe
6th from left is Alan Stewart and 8th is ?? Jones. Confirm the Ident of TC Lusk and RW (or RG)Underwood.
Believe Circa 1943 should be changed to Late1944/Early 1945.

Regards, Chuck Hannagan

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