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HFDF (DT) Site, Imperial Beach, CA (circa Dec 1941)
Images from   NSG Command Display, Pensacola, FL

Here are four pictures taken 28 December 1941 at Imperial Beach California. The Chief Radioman in Charge
wrote "These pictures were taken in the month of December 1941 of the Field House Bldg No 9 (DT) when
the entire section was flooded by excessive rains and high tides which washed over the sand bank between
degauser Bldg and pavement. All the streets of Imperial Beach drained into this low section in addition to
normal rainfall over this area." Signed Chief H. F. Kane, CRM, USN. He wrote PS - "This area remained
flooded for over three months as there is no drainage from this low section. The same condition is likely
occur again during the rainy season."

Flooded HFDF Site

DT Site

Field House 9 (DT Site)

Close-up of DT Building

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