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NCS Guam .. 1956
Images from   James Butler (former CTR2)

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Jim Butler in front of barracks.
Check out that motor bike to the left.

Jim Butler and a buddy whose name I can't remember.
Went thru IB together but time takes its toll.
Notice the flower behind his ear.
That also is a flower in my hand

Jim Butler in front of our $100 rust bucket know as a car.
No starter. The only way we could get it started was by pushing it.
Guess you would call it a push mobile. Notice the drain slot at the
bottom of the truck lid. It did get us around the island, so I guess
for the 10 bucks we each put into it was worth it. No cruising
downtown Agana at nite. No lites to speak of. I still can't
remember where on base we bought gas.

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