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NSGA Galeta Island, Panama 1967 - 1970
Images from Roger Mullings CTR1 USN (Ret)

Gatun locks control building
June 67

Inside control bldg, equipment used to raise/lower ships
June 67

An older "retired" mule - June 67

A Panama Canal "mule" in action - June 67

A cargo ship in transit from Pacific to Atlantic - June 67

A ship in transit from Atlantic to Pacific - June 67

Roger and wife Emily on board the USS Bordelon, DD 881,
during transit from the Pacific to the Atlantic. Several DD's
were returning from deployment to Vietnam and local active
duty personnel and dependants were invited to ride along.
Nov 1967

On board the SS Cristobal, part passenger, part cargo ship
run by the Panama Canal Company. This is the way we
transited home after tour ended in Panama. Also had our
dog and car on board.
May 1970

On SS Cristobal, friends also transiting home,
CT1 Larry Hutchins, son Timmy, wife Fran (in yellow).
Also pictured, my son Glenn and my wife Emily (in orange).
May 1970

View from SS Cristobal as we left port, looking back
toward Galeta Island. Note FRD-10 on the horizon!
May 1970

Why did the two-toed sloth cross the road?
I don't know, but I nearly ran over this one. - May 68

Part of the central Panama rain forest. - May68

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