Corry CT "C" School HFDF Class of August 1972
Image from George Dean

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Corry CT "C" School HFDF Class of August 1972
From George Dean:

Here is a picture of one of the many DF Classes I had the pleasure of helping teach. It was taken in front of
either Bldg 501 or 502. This is a typical size class and I think it was one of our first self-paced classes. We
always had two Canadian Forces students in our classes. I'm the young 2nd Class on the left. I was the Lab
Technician/Academic I did some classroom such as code tests (You had to do 25 WPM with a stick to pass
the course) and also the "practical application" tests with simulated DF scenarios in our lab. The First Class on
the right is Ace H. Crawford, a first rate instuctor and a great friend! I believe he has been living in Hawaii for
a number of years. Wish I could remember ANY of the students names. Should have written them on the
picture! We had so many people going through, I had a hard time keeping track of them at the time, let alone
28 years later!!