Corry Field CT School Class 14B-66(O) - November 1966
Image from Dan Spry

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Corry Field CT School Class 14B-66(O) - November 1966
Class Identification, graduation month, and the following identification of personnel
are from Lester Gardieff
Top row:

Joe Kieteklies (Guam) - Jerry W. Windham (Navy Reserve) - R. David Cook (Morocco) - Horton, CT1 class instructor
Jerry Stringer (Japan) - Gary D. Tully (Midway) - Lester W. Gardieff (Morocco)

Botton row:

Daniel Spry (Japan) - Averill (Washington) - David E. Portell (NSS, Washington)
Jack B. Miller (Philippines, San Miguel) - David J. Woodward (California) - Gregory D. Larson (California)

There were five others in the class that I believe did not graduate (they appear in a prior photo)
-- Hammer, Barbee, Duvill, Pierson, and Lydon

The following identification of personnel is from Daniel (Dan) Spry
Names of personnel - not in any certain order

Jack B. Miller (San Miguel); David E. Portell (NSS Wash DC); Gregory D. Larson (NCS Diego-Imperial Beach);
R. David Cook (NCS Morocco); David J. Woodward (Imperial Beach);
Jerry W. Windham (Navy Reserve, Charlotte, NC); Joe Kiertekles (Guam); Robbie Duvill (?) (NSA Ft Meade);
Lester W. Gardieff (NCS Morocco); Richard W. Pierson (Phillipines); Gary D. Tully (Midway);
Jerry Stinger (Kami Seya); Daniel Spry (Kami Seya)

Lester Gardieff's graduation certificate
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Lester Gardieff's CT O-branch school graduation certificate