Corry CT School Basic Class 13C-66(R) - Late 1965/Early 1966
Image from Daniel Forte

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Corry CT School Basic Class 13C-66(R)  -  late 1965/early 1966
Back Row(L-R):

Eckles; Benedix; Prey; Ostlie; Kennedy; Taska; Short; Smith; Forte; Jusko; Fair; Rounds

Middle Row(L-R):

Favorite; Heath; Allen; Fox; Ewing; Ireland; McChesney; Meyers; Mallory; Campbell

Front Row(L-R):

Reece; McHenry; Cerasi; Childs; Schmude; Spry; Morris; Lehman; Lyon; Fredericks; Verner; Jedrey

Instructor: CT1 Bensley