Corry Field CTT A-School Class of January 1969
Photo submitted by    John Strawser

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Corry Field CTT A-School Class of January 1969 - Instructor:  CTT1 Dale Maas

Picture of CTT class January 21, 1969

Left to right top row to right: duty station
Franks: Morrocco; Dowdy: Va.; Meler: Va.; Cummings:Guam; Presnell: USS Georgetown; Sherman: San Juan; Branch: Va.

2nd Row: Lucas: California; Napier: Germany; Strawser: Adak, Alaska; Hoffman: Scotland; Conway: Va., Johnson: Cuba

Front Row: Chiri: USS Belmont; Anderson: Md; Neighbor: Cuba; Harries: Guam; Bonowitz: Md

Right after Pueblo Incident all ship orders were canceled, so the 2 ships on here were changed, not sure where they went.

submitted by: John Strawser, USN CTT3, 1968-1972