The Wenger Commander Naval Security Group Command Display

Display Room Three

Room Three is mostly an equipment room. There is a complete Model 19 Teletype send/receive/reperf(s)
position with a "figure 8" model tape.

The "Chief as seen by his......." donated by Chief Dupuis. Portrait of USS Remora SS-487, A3D-2Q were
donated. The Pueblo Association donated a large picture of their ship. A complete AN/WYQ-7 and
AN/BRQ-7 (Wick/brick) position donated by Naval Security Group Activity Groton, CT.

Electronic Cipher Machine (ECM), also known as SIGBA, called the "Gross Machine" by the Germans
because neither they, nor the Japanese or Italians could break the machine. Other equipment's in the
room, R-390, SP-600, BC224E, TT-36 of the GGA. In the near future we hope to have RBB and RBC
working receivers.

Several of the first computers used by the Naval Security Group are on display, as well as the
"Fruit Machine" a donation from the British during World War II.


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