The Wenger Commander Naval Security Group Command Display

Display Room Two

Under the picture of our former Commanders, USS Georgetown (AGTR-2) and USS Palm Beach (AGER-3).

Dogs (and cats) and sailors on Islands. Visible pictures are of two dogs on Midway Island in 1959, Boats
and Fritz on the pier waiting for the shuttle boat; "Sparky" at Imperial Beach copying code when "it got so
busy, we had to put the dog on watch." We are looking for more "pet" on our island bases. We are looking
for a good picture of "lo Boy" from Guam.

Below "Sparky" is a complete bedroom set donated by RM1 John Grafing while stationed in Melbourne,
Australia. His hammock, mattress, pillow, mattress cover, pillow cover and 2 Navy blankets are on display.
In a different part of Room Two, are PO Grafing Dress Blue's from World War II (with Ruptured Duck),
Undress White and Blue Uniform, plus White Hat. We had several members who donated there beloved
"clothes stops"!!

Two display cabinets with a Herbon Cipher system and various World War II strips ciphers, and
cipher books dated from 1846.

Several Sailors have donated dress blue uniform (with gold hash marks), an old fashion (1950, 60's) WAVE
uniform, one Marine Corp cover (donated by a young NROTC Unit teenager), Wave's Cover. We hope to
purchase a curio cabinet in the near future to house the covers, and other items.


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