The Wenger Commander Naval Security Group Command Display

A pre-Zumwalt era Chiefs Dress Khaki Uniform is on display. The Uniform was donated by
CTRC Al Lyster, USN (RET). The mannequin was donated by Ordains Clothing Store Pensacola.

Display cabinets contains cups, lighters and patches from shore stations and surface ships.
Monies from various countries. Military Payment Certificates, Philippine Victory Peso's,
Chairman Mao's Little Red Book, etc.

The Submarine and Airborne Reconnaissance Programs are displayed. Pictures and items donated
by, amongst other sailors CTTCM William (Red) Hathcock (Scorpion lighter), CTT2 Michael D.
Logan (large picture of Sculpin) and CTTCS Moose Melhlaff (EA-3B and EC-121M) over Rota,
Spain; Al StOnge, Pictures, CTIC Harry Lowe, lighters and patches and more.

Two hand drawn colored very early plaques NAVSECGRUDET CINCELM Bremerhaven,
Germany 1952 and Joint Communications Agency, Guam 1945. Also plaques donated to
RADM Tom Stevens from various Foreign Countries

Rear Admiral Joseph N. Wenger, USN display, with awards, funeral flag, Naval Academy Year
Book. Order of the British Empire (OBE), and personal pictures.


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