The Wenger Commander Naval Security Group Command Display

Charlie Walters Heritage Room

Beneath the photo of 3801 Nebraska Avenue, NW and just above the filing cabinets will be pictures of
former and the serving Force Master Chief of the Naval Security Group Command, or what ever the
formal title is today.

In the filing cabinets noted, the first two from the left contain SRH/SRHM type reports donated to the
NCVA by various personnel. A third and fourth cabinet contain newspaper from stations long ago
closed. There are papers available from approximately 25 closed stations.

In the fifth cabinet are copies of the Chief, Senior Chief and Master Chief Cryptologic Listing. We still
need copies of these to make a complete library.

In the fifth cabinet also are Welcome Aboard Package, from approximately 25 closed stations. Also
telephone directories, office listing, and organization listings at 3801 Nebraska Avenue time period

There are approximately 11 plaques of various sizes that list the Officer in Charge or Commanding
Officer of our closed stations. These include but not limited to KamiSeya, Misawa, NAVSECGRU
Department Wahiawa, GTMO Bay, Iceland, Anchorage, and more.

A position will have a computer available that will permit one to pull up and inventory of materials
available in the Charlie Walters Heritage Center.


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