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Ops Bldg - San Miguel 1957

Enlisted Brks - San Miguel 1957

Enlisted Housing from top of Brks

Chow Hall

Admin Building


Bob Payne, CTO2 at the
Recreation beach at San Miguel

Mel-Rose Bar, Crossroads,
San Miguel 1957

Quarterdeck Bar, San Miguel
(built by off-duty CT's)

Barrio San Miguel
construction workers lived here

Friendly Natives at San Miguel

"Rum" Bob Payne on liberty
in Barrio San Antonio - Zambales Province

Rainy day in Barrio San Miguel

The Luneta in Manila

Cavitie "Friendly Natives"

"Very Friendly Native"

Honors Detail for
President Magsaysay's
Funeral procession
(He was assassinated)

U.S. Marine at Main Gate,
San Miguel 1957

"CT" contingent marching in
funeral parade, downtown Manila 1956