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USS Belmont  AGTR-4 .. 1966-1968
Images from Bruce Dettloff for his father LT Don Dettloff

Please scrolldown. Click-on the photo to enlarge.

Cdr. Scappini, unk, Lt. Dettloff, unk

LT. Dettloff

Belmont inspection

Unknown sailor and various officers

unk, LCDR Cappibianca

LT. Dettloff, unk, LCDR Cappibianca

Belmont officers and men

Belmont officers and men

Forward view of the Belmont

LT. Dettloff, unk, unk, unk

All Unknown

unk LCDR, LT. Dettloff, unknown foreign officer

LCDR Cappibianca, LT. Dettloff

unk, LT. H.O. Turner, unk, LT. Dettloff, unk

unk, LT. Dettloff, unk, unk, unk, unk

LT. Dettloff, unk, unknown foreign officer

All unknown

Activity alongside the Belmont

unk, unk wife, Ruth Dettloff, LT. Dettloff

Families waiting on pier side for Belmont docking

Unknown boat off Belmont Starboard side

Unknown boat

Unknown boat

Unknown boat

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