From:     Officer in charge, Rehabilitation Division


To:         ____________________________


Subj: Rehabilitation of Personnel


Ref:        NAVCOMMSTA NOTICE 1842.9B


PURPOSE.  To establish a permanent procedure for the rehabilitation of personnel upon their detachment from this command.


CANCELLATION. This instruction cancels and supercedes NAVCOMMSTA Instruction of April 1955 (NAVCOMMSTA 1942.9A).


BACKGROUND.  The rehabilitation of personnel returning from duty on Adak has been found to be a full-time proposition. In the past it was necessary to subject all such personnel to BUMED 835.4 REF. 2-C but in view of present circumstances, it has been discovered that subject rehabilitation program may best be carried out during the first portion of the subject’s leave.


AUTHORITY.  This action is carried out in accordance with ALNAV A-1438.C.


ACTION.  In the very near future ______________________ will be once more in your midst; dehydrated, disharmonized, and demoralized; ready to take his place once more as a human being; with freedom and justice for all; to engage himself once more in LIFE, LIBERTY, and the LONG DELAYED PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. In making your preparations to welcome him back into organized society, you must make allowances for the crude environment which has been his miserable lot for the past 12 months. In a word, he may be a little “buggy” due to suffering from Aleutian Williwaws or too many of those long, long, Alaskan nights. Therefore, show no alarm if he prefers to squat on his haunches instead of sitting in a chair; dons heavy winter clothing before going outside in July; keeps the light burning at noon; ties down the car when a balmy breeze comes along; or shouts at the top of his voice “lets have a little !#*&)*#&#)*$** quiet in this dorm.” when you disturb him while he is trying to sleep. Keep cool, calm, and collected when he pours gravy on his dessert, prefers blubber to T-bone steak, and eats with his coat on. Be tolerant when he piles on ten or fifteen blankets, closes all the windows, and turns up all the radiators.


Never ask him why the Jones boys held a higher rate than he did, and never make any flattering remarks about Army, Air Force, and especially the Marine Corp. Above all, never, never, mention shipping over, extensions, or rotation all with sufficient reason.


For the first few weeks, until he is house broken, be especially watchful when he is in the company of women, particularly young and beautiful ones. After too many long months of seeing beautiful women wooed by handsome young men in the movies, he believes himself to be a master of the art. It might be wise to chain him down for the first few days. Also, if you keep telling him what a lover he is, it will build up his ego in no time at all.


Keep in mind that beneath his pale exterior there lies a heart of pure gold. Treasure this, for after long months of continuous cribbage or pinochle games, and days on end without seeing sunlight, and girls, it will probably be the only thing of value he has left. With kindness, patience and an occasional quart of good liquor (never, never put green beer before him) you will again be able to recognized that “THING” which is now but a shell of the Happy-Go-Lucky Sailor you once knew.




                                                                                                            ARGHIBALD G, QUIGG

                                                                                                            CAPTAIN, USN

                                                                                                            OIC REHABSEC, BUPERS




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