Corry Field CT School Basic Class 02A-70(O) - March 1970
Image from Roger W. Leigh

Corry Field CT School Basic Class 02A-70(O) - March 1970

The picture you have on your website of the CTO class early 1970 was the Basic O Branch Class 02"A".
The class began on Jan. 19, 1970. This picture was taken in March at the end of the basic portion of the
school. We went on to graduate on 5 June 1970. I dont remember any of the names anymore except for
Chief Leigh. The tall guy in the middle of the back row was first name of Wally, but I dont remember his
last name. I ran into him a couple years later at Northwest, Va. The rest were scattered to the four winds
and I never saw any of them again. I wish I could supply some names for you but it's been too many years.

Tom Langel (former CTO3)

Bruce M. Yenerall (former CTO3) - Front Row - Far Right.

The picture of my class is the March 1970 "O" class with Chief Leigh.
Including myself, I know the full names of 2 additional persons & the last names
of 3. Bruce Yenerall is already identified & is the person on the bottom row
to the far right. Joe Moss from Georgia is directly behind Bruce. From
right to left of Joe is Rod Amundson, Jeff Swanty (myself), unknown black sailor with firstname of Wally,
Flynn, & 2 others I don't remember names of. The third person from the left is
David Sloan (to the very right of Chief Leigh.) I'm going to try & remember full and
additional names which I'll email to you. Thank-you for providing such a
terrific web site!
Jeff Swanty -- March 13, 2005