Great Lakes, Illinois - ET "A" schools
Images from   Peter Lewis, Pat Ryan, Wes Hoar, Ken Hanna, Bruce Dettloff, Cliff Harlow,
Lou Lauer, Ed Weidner, David Wallace, Jerry Powell, and Terry Rubenstein

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Great Lakes ET

Great Lakes ET "A" School Class 7612-C of 28 Nov 1975

Great Lakes ET

Great Lakes ET "A" School Class 20-N of 18 Dec 1970

(L-R):   Unknown, Unknown, Jerry Powell, Unknown

Great Lakes ET

Lou Kutzera is the 2nd from the left on the front row.
Eric Howell is the 3rd from the left on the front row.

Great Lakes ET

ETA-Class17-N 29 May 1969, Great Lakes, Illinois

Back: Tom Hooker, Gary Gearhart, ?, Fred Barnes Jr., ?, Ed Weidner

Front: Mr. Overton, ?, James Hoffman

ETA-Class41N-68 22 NOV 68, Great Lakes, Illinois

Standing, Back, Left to Right
Ronald A. Mortvedt, CTMSN, Slater, IA
Patrick T. R. Dempsey, CTMSN, Charlottesville, VA
David L. Boyer, CTMSN, Orangeville, IL
Robert "Pat" Ryan, CTMSN, Tonica, IL

Seated Front, L to R
Ron Goltry, CTM3, Chanute, KS
Richard Mayville, CTM3, Lincoln Park, MI

Wes Hoar's ET class 39 R-N of May 1971

Ken Hanna's ET class
Some names from this class:
Holmes, Jim Croman, Ken Hanna, Mike Snow

Bruce Dettloff's ET class

Cliff Harlow's ET class

Lou Lauer's ET class